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We love Visual Dispatch!

Wheeler Cranes continues to focus its efforts on meeting the expectations of our clients. Our investment in systems automation is already paying off with the introduction of our new computerized crane dispatch software. We have scoured the country, and the world, for the most crane industry oriented dispatch software available. To assist in monitoring our fleet and meeting client expectations we have also introduced satellite fleet tracking and SMS notifications to our personnel. These systems improvements have been implemented to ensure that we continue to provide our customers with the highest levels of service we can achieve.

— Wheeler Cranes, Australia

San Antonio Texas

Incredible scheduling software

Incredible Sofware! We used to be so paper intensive. Now we have more control and more time for other revenue generating activities.

— John, San Antonio, TX

Charlotte North Carolina


Visual Dispatch's technical support is awesome.

Technical support is awesome. Kevin, Mike and Ryan were amazing at integrating our software seamlessly. They didn’t now our software before they started but they researched it and figured out the right way to make things work. Thanks for all your help!

— Mary, Charlotte, NC

San Leandro California


Dispatching has become easy!

After using a magnet board for over 30 years, we were able to replace it by displaying Visual Dispatch on a wall of multiple monitors. With Visual Dispatch’s ability to display multiple filtered-scheduled views made this possible.

— Ed, San Leandro, CA