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E-Ticketing & Payroll

Some the common challenges in the equipment industry is the ability to have accurate job ticketing. With Visual Dispatch’s mobility features it allows you to get real time ticketing for jobs that helps you prevent time wasting activities associated with job billing. Our simple and easy to use interface helps with user adoption,¬†increases invoicing turn around time and simplifies payroll time capture. Whether your devices are B.Y.O.D. or company issued, our web based platform works on all devices without the need for device registration.¬†


    • View Job Information from Mobile Devices
    • Job Changes Instantaneously Update Across all Devices
    • Capture Electronic Signatures from Field Users and Customers
    • Job Time Estimates Auto-Adjust to Actuals when Changed in the Field
    • Immediately Deliver Signed Tickets to Customers via Email
    • Create Invoices for Jobs Immediately After Tickets are Signed


    • Enter and/or Approve Time Entries from a Mobile Device or on a PC
    • Auto Populate Payroll Entries with Job Information on Mobile Devices
    • Capture Non-Billable Time Entries for Field, Shop or Back Office Personnel